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We seem to have lots of cats. Indoors and outside. Some of the outside cats have become inside cats. We have visiting cats from neighbors and who knows where. Might have something to do with our love of cats (plus outisde shelter, fresh water, and lots of food).

I placed a bunch of pictures below with short narratives about each cat or group of cats. I also included some photos of what we call the "cat condos". We have four of them, each with a heated pad and rugs around the outside during the winter. The water bowls are also heated for our cold northeast Oregon winters to prevent freezing.

For feral cat strategies you might find helpful visit Neighborhood Cats. Lots of articles, plans, and pictures to help out your outdoor buddies.

Feral Cats

Left to right: BJ, Lucy Liu, and OD. BJ is KittenKitten's and JC's mother. Lucy Liu just showed up one day. OD stands for Orange Dad. We think he is the father of Sojo. Wish we could catch him!

KittenKitten. Her mother brought her and her brother to us one winter day when they were both tiny. I caught her with a fish net followed by a trip to the vet. She is the most "tame" of the bunch and perhaps could be domesticated. She is also the most territorial of all. This winter she became lethargic and stayed in her cat condo a lot, not eating. We caught her with our bare hands and, again, off to the vet. She apprently had an infection and a course of antibiotics cleared that right up.

Lucy Liu just showed up one day. Took months before she wouldn't cower and run from us. Now she keeps a safe distance when we are outside but doesn't run away. She has a very pretty face and hangs around with a group of furry friends.

Sylvester, obviously named, was the least dominant male of a three pack. Two disappeared and Silly Syl found himself the oldest of all the cats and now the heir apparent in the cat hierarchy. A role that he does not relish. Never the less, Sylvester keeps KittenKitten in line with a whack across the face when she is obnoxious. As you can see, Sylvester doesn't miss many meals.

Tabber. Real original name, don't you think? Another tabby that just showed up. We think he is the youngest of the group because he still does cute kitten things like running up the trees and chasing rocks. He has been accepted into the pack of outside felines and pals around with them. He also likes to hunt in our east pasture where little critters are abundant.

Domestic Cats

Sojo came from the Humane Society. She is named for Sojourner Truth, an African-American abolitionist and women's rights activist. A friend of ours and the provost at a nearby college gave a talk about this amazing woman. We named Sojo in her honor. Sojo has the sweetest disposition of any cat we have had. She is the eldest of all the house cats.

We acquired Tippi from a neighbor. She was the only kitten with this color. We named her for the caramel colored ear tips. She is the most stand offish of all the house cats and rarely interacts with any of them, except to hiss. She can be very loving and interactive with us. She does tear around the house on Missions of Great Importance and does get into hot water when she jumps into the hutch.

Kse is an abbreviation for "Kittens Supporting Equality". Kse came from a couple, one of which was the Pride director for northeast Oregon. This was also during the struggle to afford rights to all people, no matter their sexual orientation. The name Kse seemed a good one. She is the most reclusive of all the cats and, until recently, would rarely interact with anyone. However, over the last year she has become a little holy terror and will do all kinds of delightful things to terrorize her sisters and brother.

JC is an abbreviation for "Joseph Cat". Guess we ran out of original ideas for names. He is the son of BJ and the brother of KittenKitten. When his mother brought them up through the snow one winters day, he was half frozen. She installed him in one of the heated cat condos. When she was gone I snuck out on the blind side of the condo and grabbed him with my bare hands. It was easy since he was weak and cold. A trip to the vet for a checkup and later neutering. He is the jumpiest of all the cats, perhaps because of his feral origins. He likes to sit and have a cookie with his inside mommy and take a snooze on the recliner with his inside daddy. He's a handsome fellow.

Cat Condos and Water Bowls

Two cat condos, stacked. Simple construction with screws, glue, plywood, square trim for inside support, and paint. These are not insulated but include a heated cat pad along with rugs wrapped around the outside during the winter.

Two more cat condos, stacked. Four in all.

Two heated water bowls. We swap them out with unheated bowls during warmer times. You can pick these up online at the many pet store outlets or at a feed store.