Straight Key Century Club

I am a member of the Straight Key Century Club (SKCC). Membership is free and once you apply you receive a membership number that is yours for life.

Because of the SKCC I became an active ham. I have thoroughly enjoyed my membership. If you have even a passing interest in CW, please visit the SKCC web site.

The SKCC Club has numerous activities incuding a month long anniversary event in January and two monthly contests. The best part about the contests and the SKCC in general is "You don't have to be a speed demon to participate."

SKCC operators will slow down if you answer them at a speed lower than theirs or match yours when responding to your CQ. I think we all pride ourselves on being friendly to all operators and especially newcomers.

The SKCC Club has a wonderful web site packed full of information. In addition the club also has a Facebook page.

When you visit the web site you'll notice a number of awards you can strive to achieve. Some are fairly easy to acquire while some are, in a word, challenging.

Please drop by the SKCC web site and look around.